The computer lab and conference rooms in the library can be reserved for class instruction or meetings. To reserve a room, follow these instructions.

From the library's website, select "My Account" > "Booking" > "Book Room."

Enter the date, from, and to times when you want the room and select "Search" to check for availability.

In the bottom left corner of the page, under “Rooms Available,” select either “Library Computer Lab” or “Library Conference Room” (whichever you want to reserve). If the room you want doesn’t appear, it is probably already reserved.

In the Time bar just to the right of “Rooms Available,” click once at the time you want to reserve the room, drag the cursor to the time you will end, and click once again. Your timeframe should now be highlighted.

Enter a brief description of why you want the room in the “Purpose” box at the bottom and select “Book.”

An email will be sent notifying the librarian of your booking. If there is an issue with your requested reservation, the librarian will contact you. Otherwise, the room should now be reserved for your use.

Questions or comments about the mission of the Learning Center or any of our policies can be directed to:

 Mark Warnick, Director of the Learner Center

 Ph: 870-236-6901 / ext. 139